Bookies Closing Times

Bookies Closing Times

The majority of UK bookies close their shops at 10 pm. However, punters can place bets online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Gambling at a betting shop allows you to watch a match and bet on it in person without relying on a computer or mobile phone. You can socialise with other punters and revel in the excitement together.

Bookmakers Closing Times 

A bookmaker or bookie is a business that offers pre-determined odds-on events, usually sporting events. Bets are accepted and paid out to bettors based on the odds if they win. The odds are decided based on how commentators believe the event will play out.

The first recorded UK bookmaker, Harry Ogden, ran his business from the Newmarket Heath racetrack in Suffolk in the 1790s. He was knowledgeable about horse racing, studied the field, and laid odds on each horse rather than events. Traditionally, bookmakers were located at racecourses, enabling punters to bet on horse races. However, as time went on, bookmakers opened shops on the high street and offered bets on a variety of sports and novelty bets.

In 1845, the Gambling Act was introduced to restrict all gambling to the racetrack only. However, in 1961, high street bookmakers were legalised. The change in the law led to the explosion of the gambling market. Bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred grew in popularity, and the number of betting shops in the UK expanded rapidly.

Since the early 2000s, bookmakers have been finding success online. Much of Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred's business comes from online bets on sports and casino games.

Betting Shop Closing Times

Betting shops are shops away from a racecourse, where players can place bets in person with a licensed bookmaker. This includes popular high-street gambling and betting companies such as Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfred. Many betting shops offer refreshments to ensure customers are comfortable. Many shops contain several large televisions airing popular sporting events for punters to watch.

Betfred Closing Times

Betfred, one of the UK's most popular betting companies, typically opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm. The betting shop is one of the best-known brands in the United Kingdom, with over 1600 shops. Betfred offers a range of gambling opportunities such as sports betting, blackjack, casino, roulette, and many other game options.

Founded in 1967, Fred Done established Betfred with his brother Peter. Their Salford-based bookmakers had a strong local reputation, and the business flourished, allowing the brothers to open a second shop in 1969.

Since its launch in 2004, has become one of the most popular betting websites in the UK. Famous for its compelling variety of customer promotions and bonus opportunities, the company meets the needs of most consumers thanks to its many shops and online presence. Eager to innovate, Betfred created the Lucky 15, a formula where four events are picked, and 15 events are placed on four different outcomes. In 1997, Betfred opened its 100th betting shop. 

Ladbrokes Closing Times

Ladbrokes betting shops are typically open between 7 am and 10 pm, depending on location. The betting company offers bets on sporting events, casinos, slots games, and more. Ladbrokes is known for its generous incentives such as welcome offers, price boosts and a good online offering.

The coronavirus pandemic damaged many industries, including gambling. What it did reveal, however, was that the future is digital. In response, the bookmaker revealed its first "shop of the future" in Dublin, Ireland. The futuristic shop offers self-service betting terminals and live racing to give punters the best possible digital betting experience. Ladbrokes Director of Ireland, Jackie Murphy, explained: "We are constantly trying to push the boundaries in terms of technology, and this new concept shop is the first of its kind in the Republic of Ireland". In recent months, industry experts have been debating whether this move by Ladbrokes signals that the future of betting is staffless and autonomous.

Coral Closing Times 

Coral betting shops usually open between 8:30 am and close at approximately 10 pm in the UK. However, closing times vary depending on location. There are 1,529 Coral Group betting shops in the UK. Coral facilitates bets on a range of sports such as Football, Horse Racing, Poker, and other sporting events. Players can also make novelty bets. Some famous novelty bets include whether Luis Suarez would bite players during the 2014 World Cup and the colour of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach at the Super Bowl.

In 1926, Joe Coral launched bookmaker Coral. After the change in legislation in 1961, Joe Coral opened his first licensed betting shop. Initially against betting shops, Joe Coral changed his tune in 1962. Soon after, his business was booming. At the time, football betting was at the heart of the business, and it remains a key aspect of the company to this day. By 1981, Coral had 650 betting shops. Fast forward to 2005, and Coral was acquired by bingo and leisure retailer Gala, and the company became known as the Gala Coral Group.

As Coral is now owned by Entain, the parent company that owns Ladbrokes, digital betting shops are part of the company's development plan. In December 2019, Coral unveiled its own betting shop of the future. The modernised shop offers a digital experience, with an increased number of self-service betting terminals, interactive digital betting shop displays, and departure boards for races. In the words of Coral's strategy and business development director for UK retail, Bejay Patel, the new style of shops is intended to "create an enhanced experience for our existing customers whilst also appealing to a new generation of customers". 

The Growth of Online Gambling

Over the last few years, there has been a fundamental shift in how people gamble. While most gambling used to occur in a betting shop such as Betfred, Ladbrokes or Coral, remote gambling is now the largest industry sector, comprising 40% of the market. According to the Gambling Commission, one-quarter of UK adults aged 16 and over have gambled online within the past four weeks.

The report into online gambling found that the most popular way to access online gambling in 2020 was via mobile phone, with three-quarters of 18 to 34-year-olds gambling on their phone. In contrast, only 14% of those aged 65 and over accessed gambling websites on their mobile phones. The report also found that online gamblers hold an average of three accounts, but younger gamblers typically hold more than three. However, data shows that this figure is rising.

eSports Betting

In the United Kingdom, eSports betting is growing. Between 2016 and 2019, the eSports betting market grew at an annual rate of 8.5%. eSports refers to the online gaming market, which gives people the ability to place bets on eSport competitions such as The International.

UK bookmaker Ladbrokes offers eSports betting options. The company are doubling down on the growth of eSports, as it was announced in August that the parent company, Entain, has purchased the eSports betting start-up Unikrn for an undisclosed sum. Entain's CEO, Jette Nygaard-Andersen, explained the purpose of the acquisition: "It's all about more spent, more engagement, more fun for the customers."

Punters place bets on more than just the winner. They can bet on whether the eSports player will become MVP, which character they will win with, and more. eSports is a growing industry and has an expanding fan base that will continue to grow as betting on tournaments becomes more popular. As the fan base grows, so will the involvement of high-street betting companies such as Coral, Ladbrokes and Betfred.

Safe Gambling

Betting companies such as Ladbrokes, Coral, and Betfred are involved in safer gambling schemes to ensure their customers stay safe when making bets. The Gambling Commission regulates gambling businesses to ensure that bookies such as Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred follow the rules when promoting their products and services. Additionally, the Gambling Commission works with other industry regulators, organisations and charities to research gambling habits and promote safe practices.

Key Statistics About the UK Gambling Industry

The Gambling Commission gathers and publishes statistics about the industry twice a year.

  • In September 2020, 9,036 gambling premises were operational, a 10.8% decrease compared to March 2020.
  • From April to September 2020, there was a £470 million gross gambling yield for gaming machines.
  • From April to September 2020, the gross gambling yield for remote betting, bingo and casino was £3.1 billion. Remote gambling is the largest sector and comprises 52.3% of the overall market from April to September 2020.
  • From April to September, £196.8 million was contributed to good causes from large society lotteries
  • From April to September, £629.3 million in gross gambling yield was generated from non-remote betting.

Betting Stores Closing Times

To find out the closing times or your local betting shop, visit the Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred websites, where the Store Locator will show you the closing times of your local branch. Alternatively, you can place bets online or via mobile phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, players can create online accounts, allowing them to deposit funds and place bets from the comfort of their homes.

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I need to find the closing time of a Coral betting shop in my town. I need the Coral closing times today and on Sunday as this is likely to be difference to the business hours for other days of the week such as Saturday and also on Bank Holiday such as Easter, Christmas and New Years Day. So I want to avoid disappointment in traveling to the bookies and finding it's already closed today. Then check here first to get the latest Coral opening times today and confirm those for any day of the year and in any town over the entire UK.


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Everyone has different hobbies, things that they like and things that they don't particularly like. If you happen to be one of the group who find thrill from betting on sports, can't get enough of trying to guess who will win the next Britain's Got Talent or seek enjoyment from heading down to the local bookies then you've probably asked the question 'what are the bookies closing times today?'. After all, not only do you need to know when the bookies open, but also when they close. How else will you know when your deadline is for placing a key bet that you expect to cash out on.

That's why throughout this article we will teach you all about your local Coral Bookies, where the company found its humble beginnings and finally, at exactly what time your local branch of Coral bookies closes today. About Coral bookies If you can believe it, there was a time long ago where no-one was asking the question 'what are the bookies closing times today?'. In fact, betting used to be illegal and bookies were forced to trade underground. Coral Bookies founder, Joe Coral, emigrated from Poland following World War 1. As a bookies runner he made a name for himself and built up practical experience.


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From there he took his knowledge into a local billiards hall in Stoke Newington where Joe took bets himself. This solo venture proved a success as Joe now had a great many runners working for him, taking bets from all over, pubs, bars and clubs, you name it, he had runners there. After betting was legalised in the 1960's, Joe himself opened one of the UK's first betting shops.

This allowed for the empire that is Coral Bookies as you know it today. Coral Bookies have always been an industry leader, being one of the first to take bets online in the modern era. From the 1,800 betting shops they work from, they serve the nation and facilitate betting on sports, entertainment and politics. Currently their estimated revenue sits at £1.2 billion, if you weren't already impressed enough. How to gamble safely When it comes to gambling, one of the most important things is to ensure that you are safe whilst doing it. Gambling should be enjoyable and the worst-case scenario is that you put yourself at risk, whether that be mentally or financially.


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If you feel like betting is getting out of hand for you, perhaps you are placing too many bets or you are betting too much money a time and verging on financial problems, there are sources that you can access for help. Websites such as Gambleaware and Gamcare are excellent for those seeking help. It is important to know that you shouldn't gamble to improve your financial status or as an attempt to relieve yourself of financial problems.

Betting should be an enjoyable activity and winning significant money is one of the benefits, however when betting you are always at risk of losing the money you played, regardless of the odds. As such a great place to start is to set limits on your gambling. This can apply to both the time you spend gambling and the amount of money you are betting. Allocate a certain amount of money the same as you would for other forms of entertainment and work towards maintaining that budget. Many betting locations will allow you to literally limit your spending and prevent you from going over it, whether you attempt to or not. If betting is causing you trouble, attempt a timeout in which you completely remove yourself from gambling.


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You can communicate this to friends and family to gain their assistance with keeping you away from betting. Am I eligible to bet in a Coral Bookies store? When you are considering 'what are the bookies closing times today?' another thought might also cross your mind. Are you actually able to bet in a Coral Bookies store? Coral Bookies welcome all gamblers from all different walks of life, but they are made to follow rules and regulations that prevents things such as children placing bets.

This means that in order to bet in a Coral Bookies store, you must be over the age of 18. Naturally, if you are one of the few lucky enough to look under 25, you must provide photo identification to prove your age and allow you to bet within the store. You wouldn't want to be turned away when you only just arrived to bet in a Coral bookies, so a good rule of thumb is to keep your ID with you at all times. With the legal side out of the way, you are now free to participate in gambling within a Coral bookies.


Coral Bookies Shop Closing Times Today How can I make the most out of betting with Coral Bookies


Coral bookies set you off to a good start by offering a huge range of activities to gamble on. Their three main areas are sports, entertainment and politics. Each offering a range of sub divisions within to choose from. Once you see the range of options that Coral Bookies offer your first question will be 'what are the bookies closing times today?'. It's sports time Whichever sport it is that you specialise in, that you watch week in week out, you can find it at Coral Bookies.

Coral Bookies range includes football, horse racing, golf and rugby. With odds you wouldn't want to turn away, you can easily head down to any Coral Bookies and place bets on your game of choice. Bet before you vote When it comes to politics, many find it a boring and drab subject. However, gambling on the results of politics is a different story. Place bets on who will be the next prime minister, which party will take over next and which decisions will be made.


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It doesn't matter where you fall on the political spectrum, Coral Betting has what you need. As a bonus they make it easy for you to bet by offering bets from their local Coral Bookies as well as through their app, online. Everybody is entertained Reality TV got you down? Turn it up to 11 and place bets on who is next off Love Island or who will be the most talented Briton. Coral Bookies allows you to place bets on a range of entertainment options and if you usually have an eye for these things, don't hesitate to place your bets. Coral Bookies Closing Times Today With you thoroughly informed, now it's time to reveal Coral Bookies Closing Times Today.

Visit this link to find out not only Coral Bookies Closing Times Today but also their opening times, store locations and contact details. Don't waste any time and find out what you need to know, head down to your local Coral Bookies before it closes and place a few choice bets. You never know, you might see returns that will shock you. But remember, always keep safe when betting and never take it further than you are able to. Make the most out of gambling with Coral Bookies and leave feeling positive whatever the outcome of your bets and choices may be.


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Find bookies which are open near me now today. What Does the Future Hold for Coral Betting Shops Near Me? The humble betting shop may still seem like a modern idea, but they have been around in some form for far longer than you might think. Their latest incarnation, with the bright colours and TVs on the walls that are found in every Highstreet in the country are far newer, at are at risk. There has been a string of Coral betting shops near me for as long as I can remember, in every town that I’ve lived in.

There is something comforting about knowing exactly what you’ll find when you walk into one, right down to the types of customers you might meet, always ready to tell you what they’re betting on and how their luck’s holding. Now, with the rise of online betting and new regulations that impact the FOBT’s, betting shops are coming under threat as profits sink. Journey into the Past Betting shops were first legalised in 1961, although there were quite a few restrictions put in place. They weren’t meant to ‘encourage gambling’ so there were no home comforts. There were no seats, and no alcohol was allowed.

Not even tea or coffee was to be given out, although smoking was permitted. The windows also have to be blacked out, to hide the shop from the gaze of the impressionable public. This meant that betting shops were dark, smoke-filled hideouts, where men gathered to place their bets, and kept their ear tuned to the radio, which announced races in static filled bursts. Coral Bookies Closing Times Sunday Not all bookmakers liked the idea of having physical shops, with William Hill holding out against them until he finally saw where the profits lay in 1966. I remember being in one of these in the early 80’s, just a few years before new laws came in that transformed bookies as we knew them.


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It was one of a few Coral betting shops near me and my family’s home in the south of England. It was like entering another world, something out of the past and I still think of it with a degree of nostalgia. In 1986, new legislation made bookies into what we know now. Seats for comfort, the use of TVs, and complimentary tea and coffee in order to encourage punters to stay a little longer. Shop fronts were now open and advertise possible winnings with large signs. Walking down the street, the betting shop is instantly recognisable from its colouring. Betting shops were doing trade like never before, and thousands of shops spread out all across the country.

The Rise of FOBT’s Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, or FOBT’s were introduced in the 90s. These machines were a massive draw to punters, making the placing of a bet even easier than before. They offer roulette and other casino style or arcade games to bet on, and customers could feed £100 into them every 20 seconds. While limited to four terminals a shop, they soon became one of the only reasons that physical betting shops still turned a profit in the new era of online gambling. Are the Coral Betting Shops Near Me at Risk? Online gambling started with firms like Betfair, who undercut a significant number of bookies potential profits.

Coral Bookies Closing Times Saturday Consumers enjoyed them because it made them the bookies, a novelty that kept people online and away from the shops. Now, online gambling is more sophisticated than ever. Not only are there online only sites, but all the major bookies have online services as well as their physical shops. This rise in the popularity of online gambling has been putting a lot of stress on the high street bookies we’ve all come to know and love. So much so that when I moved to a new town last year, I had a difficult time finding any of my preferred Coral betting shops near me. Before, bookies would all be competing for space on the Highstreet, but now there simply aren’t enough punters to have more than one, meaning that if you have a preference, you may have to travel.


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New Regulations for Betting Shops New regulations were introduced in April this year that are going to have a lasting effect on stores as we know them. Where before the stakes on an FOBT could be up to £100, this has been reduced to just £2. This massive decrease is an effort to protect the most vulnerable in society from losing too much money, as well as to prevent people from becoming addicted and betting higher and higher amounts at once. Coral Bookies Closing Times Friday However, the FOBTs were the betting shops biggest money-maker, and so many shops are now at risk of closure unless takings go up.

What Can Betting Shops Do? Some shops have already introduced new high-stakes games in their stores, although it is yet to be seen if they will be allowed to remain. These new roulette style games all involve punters filling out a physical slip and handing it to the cashier. This means that if a person is betting high stakes, they have to talk to someone to do it. This removes the addictive nature of the machine through the use of real human contact. These games will also happen with less frequency than the 20 seconds between them on the FOBTs. Gambling regulators still have to decide if these new games are adhering to the law, or if these too will be banned. The Future So, what does the future hold for the betting shops? For the Coral betting shops near me that I have grown to see as part of my weekly routine?

What does it mean for the cashier that I see every time I go in? For now, we simply don’t know. But if the bookies are losing business, hundreds of jobs will be lost as branches close. The betting shop has become a great British institution, and no one wants to see them lost from our High street. They were one of the first places to gather and talk, and they have created a community that I don’t want to see disappear online. Betfred Bookies Closing Times I need to know the Betfred closing times of a betting shop near me now today and also the opening times on Sunday & Saturday. I need it for all betting shops and bookies in the UK including the times on Bank Holidays and at weekends. I don't want to travel to my local betting shop only to find it's closed for business so want to make sure it's open today.


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There are a huge number of Betfred betting shops over the UK so depending which town you live in, there hours of business will likely to be different in various areas. It's always best to check today's business hours before traveling to a betting shops to avoid disappointment. However, you'll always be able to bet online if the betting shop is already closed in your areas. You'll be able to bet online 24 hours a day at any time and call Betfred for support if you need help. Bookies Closing Times Today Today is the day, the day that you're going to score big with a choice bet at your local Coral Bookies, but it's late in the day and you're wondering, 'What are the coral bookies closing times today?'.

After all, the last thing you want to do is arrive at a closed store and miss the opportunity to place your bet. Well, short of using the app or their website to bet, throughout this article we will help you to answer that question. But before that, we will teach you more about Coral Bookies themselves, where they came from, where they are now and some tips on how to make the most out of gambling with them. Remember, at the end of the day, gambling should be fun and safe for all. About Coral Bookies Joe Coral, the man, the myth, the legend. He came from the bottom and rose to the top.

In the beginning, betting was illegal and bookies made their deals underground, out of public view. Despite the ban on betting, the drive to gamble and experience the thrill was no less than today. Coral Bookmakers Closing Times Today Joe Coral emigrated from Poland following the result of World War 1. He began as a bookies runner and built his career from there. Developing vital experience and knowledge allowed Joe Coral to begin his own business in a local billiards hall in Stoke Newington where he took bets for himself. By this point he had a great number of runners working for him who collected bets.

From 1960 onwards, betting was finally legalised and Joe was able to open one of the UK's first official bookies, Coral Bookies. They have been an industry leader since the beginning, going on to be one of the first to take online bets in more recent years. With 1,800 bookies nationwide, Coral Bookies serve the country and facilitate betting on sports, entertainment and politics. With an estimated revenue of £1.2 billion and their storied past, it's impossible to deny their influence. Making the most out of Gambling It's easy to think of gambling as a way to turn something into nothing, to take your salary and return with riches that would make even the wealthiest kings blush.

However, this isn't really the case. Whilst gambling is of course, a means to increase the money you started with, it should be viewed as more of a hobby or a pastime than a way to improve your financial standing. Before you even ask the question 'what are Coral Bookies closing times today?', first consider how you will gamble and how you intend on making the most out of it. Gambling demographics When it comes to gambling, research shows that men are actually seven and a half times more likely than their female counterparts to develop a gambling addiction. This is due primarily to modern male culture, often referred to as 'lad culture'.


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This involves groups of makes attending sporting events together and encouraging one another to place bets. This 'peer pressure' leads to an increase in bets made as well as increasing the amounts of money wagered. Despite the rise in the amount of women's sports teams and the accompanying marketing to a female audience, the majority of sports advertisements are still catered towards men and as such, the amount of men watching sports prepared to bet is higher. Another reason is that women are typically more guarded when it comes to betting and less impulsive than men. Betfred Bookmakers Closing Times Today They weigh up the positives against the negatives and when they are down, are less likely to continue their streak in an attempt to turn their bad situation around. Gambling Community With so much bad press about gambling and betting it's easy to think that it's all negative and worth staying away from.

However, as you're considering the question 'what is the local Coral Bookies closing times today?', take a moment to look at the positive side of this hobby. Only a small minority of gamblers struggle with the addition. As with anything, the majority of people get on as usual and the few who suffer are those who are publicised throughout the media. Your local Coral Bookies is full of regular people who are there to enjoy themselves, not struggling addicts who are looking for a quick fix. Bookies and gambling sites are full of policies and prevention methods to protect those who use them.

This also helps prevent those who are underage from gambling before they are old enough to fully understand what they are doing. Alongside this, local communities thrive under the gambling industry. With so many gambling, new bookies are opening across the country and in your local towns. Thus, increasing employment rates, taking more people out of the pubs and into a bookies as well as giving people a hobby to enjoy and discuss with others. This is all without mentioning the positive sides of the social effect of gambling. By bringing likeminded people together into a shared space, gamblers are able to meet people outside of their usual circles and enjoy conversing with others whilst placing their bets. Whilst gambling in groups can have the adverse effect of encouraging more gambling, when done properly, it can be an enjoyable competitive experience. So long as the correct limitations are maintained. How to keep gambling fun and safe To limit your gambling is incredibly important. Unless you happen to be so rich that you can suffer significant financial losses, it is vital that you set a budget for gambling and don't exceed it.


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The same way you would set a limit for spending on your weekly shop, ensure that you take gambling seriously in order to enjoy it. Alongside keeping an eye on your spending, limit your time spent gambling to a reasonable amount and again, do not exceed this. Limits allow us to enjoy things in a safe environment, in this way gambling is little different to alcohol. The right amount can be a wonderful experience, more than that can have disastrous results. How to place your bet with Coral bookies Before we answer the question 'what are the Coral Bookies closing times today?', it's important that you first understand how to place your bet. Whether it's the first bet you ever made or the 100th, here's the best way to do it. Ladbrokes Bookmakers Closing Times Today In order to place a bet online you must first create an account with Coral bookies. This can either be done through their website or their app online.

Now you have the chance to choose from a range of categories including sports, entertainment and politics. Next in line is choosing your sub-category, this is where things get interesting. For example, if you chose entertainment, the sub-category could be 'Love Island'. Now you know what you want to bet on, it's time to place your actual bet. Select the price or starting price, from here you can transfer the information to your very own bet slip. Regardless of whether you place one or multiple bets, you can now enter a stake and hit the BET NOW button. As a result of your hard work, you will receive a bet receipt confirming your choice. From here on out it's a matter of waiting for your result and enjoying the entertainment that goes along with it. Good luck with your choice!


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As we have reached the end of the article, it's time to learn the answer to your question, 'what are the Coral Bookies closing times today?'. With such a wide range of options for you to choose from, Coral Bookies will be with you every step of the way on your betting journey and will be here for you any time you wish to visit them whether you've been there before or are returning after a long break. After all, customer service is one of the most important things at Coral Bookies and not something that they take lightly or have any intention of slipping on. Experience Coral Bookies in the flesh by visiting Coral Bookies closing times today and place your bets in person. Or if you'd prefer, their app and website allow you to place bets from the comfort of your own home. Their responsive app is available on both iPhone and Android.

This of course removes the social side of gambling but allows for bets all the way up to the last minute. Whichever way you choose to experience Coral Bookies, we are certain that you will not soon forget this incredible ride. Their unparalleled customer service, top tier odds and their absolute dedication to your gambling experience mean that no-where else will you find a better way to enjoy gambling. Coral Bookies policies keep you safe both mentally and financially by supporting safe gambling at every turn so you can rest easy when placing a bet with Coral Bookies that they will guide you in making sure it doesn't get out of hand.



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